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Baidyanath Nagri Baba Dham Bhusm Abhishek


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Bhasm Abhishek, or Rudrabhishek with sacred ash (also known as Vibhuti), is a profound form of worship dedicated to Lord Shiva in his Rudra avatar. During this ritual, the Shivalinga is bathed with Bhasm, gently sprinkled over the deity, while the Vedic mantra Rudra Sukta, also referred to as Rudri Paath, is chanted.

Vibhuti, derived from the Sanskrit word “vibhu” meaning supreme or eternal, symbolizes divine power and its manifestations. Bhasma, commonly known as sacred ash, signifies impermanence and the transient nature of material things, representing purity and the ultimate truth.
Bhasm Abhishek holds a special place in Lord Shiva’s worship, as both Bhasma and Abhishekams are dear to him. This ritual involves the ceremonial pouring of holy ash over the Shiva Linga amidst the chanting of Rudri Paath until it is fully covered with Vibhuti.
Performing Bhasm Abhishek and offering prayers to Lord Shiva is believed to bestow divine blessings and help cleanse the devotee of sins accumulated across past and present lives. The benefits of Rudrabhishek, including Bhasm Abhishek, are manifold:
  • Mitigation of Malefic Effects: Rudrabhishek minimizes the malefic effects of Nakshatras, transforming them into beneficial influences.
  • Prevention of Untimely Incidents: This puja is believed to prevent untimely incidents and accidents, ensuring sound physical and mental health for the devotee.
  • Elimination of Karmic Doshas: Rudrabhishek eliminates karmic doshas and protects the devotee from the effects of the evil eye and negative energies.
  • Family Harmony and Prosperity: By invoking Lord Shiva’s blessings, Rudrabhishek bestows peace, harmony, prosperity, wealth, and success upon the devotee’s family.
  • Ultimate Peace and Tranquility: The unique aspect of Bhasm Abhishek is its ability to bestow ultimate peace and tranquility, both internally and externally, leading to ultimate joy.
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